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We hope you enjoy our collection of the best jokes on the web, assembled from various sources, voted by you, and ultimately handpicked by staff. We have arranged the jokes into multiple top 10 funniest jokes lists. Let us admit, this was not an easy task. A joke can make one roll over the floor from laughter, or it can miserably fail at getting any reaction out of a person based on their mood.

Our staff are constantly upgrading this list. So visit us again to read more of our top 10 funniest jokes. If you don’t like any of them, do let us know. Because we will take your opinion into consideration as we update and adjust the lists. If you are particularly not fond of a particular joke, make sure you let us know which one. Of course, we would welcome you (even encourage and challenge you) to tell us a better one if you can.

All our jokes are family-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your kids being here! The list even includes a top 10 best puns list, and a top 10 best kids’ jokes, which we are sure the kids will love. But it’s not just about the kids. Adults should also find plenty of good jokes here. All links open to a new tab. Our top 10 best jokes page has been awarded the number one best jokes sites by

Above all, we want you to have a good time here. I think you have read enough; go ahead, and enjoy yourself.

Our Award-Winning List of Best Jokes

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  1. Que:- U r going somewhere and a cat cross your way, what does it mean?
    Ans:- That she is also going somewhere…..

  2. 5 mens were there and one of them fired cannon and he wrote in paper 1000 and the third man said I know you will fire cannon 1000 times

    • If you were really smart, you would spell his name with an “o”. Coz his name is not Gid, it’s God, that’s his name…You big dummy!

  3. Hello everyone here,
    Believe it or not, I’m god. The jokes are well written. Jokes are jokes only when they make us laugh, you should not blame anybody for anything and first see what is wrong in you. If everyone does that the world would be more peaceful. Just a thought for you all children.


          • I will tell you a knock knock joke knock knock who’s there ice cream ice cream who I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream

        • Once there was a guy that needed a job. So the zoo hired him to dress up as a gorilla until they got real ones. The catch was he could not come out of the suit. So forgot he was a human. One day he swung over in the lion den. He a yelled and yelled for help , but everyone thoght he was just a gorilla. The lion walked over and said, “If you doing SHUTUP, we both are going to loose our job.

        • Once there was a guy that needed a job. So the zoo hired him to dress up like a gorilla until they got real ones. But the catch was they would not let him out of his suit. One day he was swinging on vines, and swung over into the lions den. He started yelling and yelling for help, everyone thought it was just a gorilla so they ignored it. The lion walked over to him and said, ” If you don’t shut up we both are going to lose our jobs!”

        • 3 people went to heaven. It was lady tareasa, Abraham Lincoln, and Oboma. They had a clock above there hed. It spend each time theve lied. Lady Teresa did not spin at all. Abs only spon twice. But know one could find Obamas clock. Finally one person asked an anjel where Obamas clock was. And he said, ” Jesus is temperaly during it as a celing fan. Going around and around and around”