Make the kitchen a bit more interesting for yourself, and others looking at you, by buying yourself a more creative apron! The days of plain, one-colored aprons are over, and the list of funniest aprons below is the reason why.

This is a list of the 10 funny, creative aprons you can buy on the web with Amazon links to each apron. If after reading this, you still opt for a plain one, then I suggest we could do little to convince you otherwise. But do, at least, consider them! These are also some of the best-selling and most wished for aprons on Amazon, so they will make great funny gifts.


  1. DC Comics Wonder Woman Apron

    Apron for the geeky lady in the house
    Wonder Woman Apron

  2. Hyzrz Women’s Apron with Pockets

    Apron for the cute lady of the house

    Cute Apron with Pockets

  3. Attitude Kiss the Cook and Bring Him a Beer

    Apron for the bossy man in the house – “Kiss the Cook and Bring Him a Beer”
    Funny Apron for Men

  4. Star Wars Darth Vader Apron

    For the geeky man in the house – this is one of the most wished-for aprons on Amazon, believe it or not! So chances are if he likes Star Wars, he will dig this!
    Darth Vader Apron

  5. Lovely Sweetheart Retro Kitchen Apron

    For the old-fashioned classy lady of the house
    old-fashioned sweetheart apron

  6. DC Comic’s Batman Apron

    For the geeky man in the house, who prefers The Dark Knight of DC Comics to Star Wars.
    Batman apron

  7. Muscle Man Apron

    Apron for the attractive confident man in the house to wear, and the lady to enjoy!
    muscle man apron

  8. May I Suggest the Sausage Apron

    Apron for the funny man in the house
    May I suggest the sausage funny apron

  9. Romaine Calm, Lettuce Carrot On

    Apron for the clever one in the house
    Romaine Calm and Lettuce Carrot On funny apron

  10. Periodic Table Cooking Chef Apron

    And finally, an apron for the scientist in the house
    Chemist scientist Apron

    Not convinced yet? This and this are a couple more aprons that didn’t make our list. They were not family-friendly enough for our site, neither are they very practical. Nonetheless, they can make hilarious gifts for your partner.