There are many techniques to playing this game. And many of these kids have completely nailed it, haven’t they? Here are 17 of the funniest, cutest kids playing hide and seek.

1. Hide in a box – but just make sure it’s not see-through next time

Funny Hide and Seek Pic 1

2. Conceal yourself as a furry being. Just make sure you cover up a bit more

Funny Hide and Seek Pic 2

3. The couch is a great place to hide. If only the blanket had fallen a bit lower

Funny Hide and Seek Kids 3

4. This kid is good and dedicated to the game. Respect!

Funny Hide and Seek kids 4

5. Ummm… How about we try this again?

Kids Hide and Seek Spots

6. Hide by the last place they might check: the crib!

Creative Hide and Seek Kid

7. Or the enemy’s camp: parents’ bed.

Silly Hide and Seek kids

8. Well-done! If only your shadow hadn’t betrayed you…

Kids Hide and Seek Hilarious

9. Did it ever occur to you that your parents might wonder what that giant thing in the middle of their kitchen is?

Smart Kids Hide and Seek

10. Honey, forget about hide and seek! There is a giant crocodile climbing our wall.

Find me if you can Funny Hide and Seek

11. I don’t think it would have been so hard for you to fit your legs back there as well…

Funny Hide and Seek Couch cushion

12. And the prize for the best hiding spot goes to… How did she get there?

Hide and Seek books

13. Diversify! Make sure you don’t both hide in the same bad spot.

Hiding behind curtains kids

14. Daddy will come looking for you soon… but first, he must have a quick pee…

Kid Hiding behind toilet

15. You are small, but you are bigger than you think!

Funny Hide and Seek kid

16. How many photos did they take before telling him?

Hide and Seek Curatin

17. The legs – Make sure you cover the legs…

Hide and Seek Kitchen Cupboard