You are awake! This is not a dream. Vancouver drivers are known for having poor driving skills. That issue aside, this person clearly doesn’t give a squat about their┬áPorsche Cayenne, which costs at the very least around $60,000, potentially up to $180,000. When the video starts, the car is already trashed. The front right wheel is clearly completely bent out of shape, and we are only witnessing the second half of their struggle to fit the car in that garage. Funny how fitting the car into the garage seems to be worth tens of thousands of dollars to them. They really like to keep their car garaged to protect it from natural forces, don’t they?

But no garage can protect that car from these driving skills.

I am not sure which bothers me more, the fact that I am seeing a beautiful Porsche trashed, or that such a beautiful car should be with this driver.

Why should the riches be with those who have little use for them, or lack the brain to use it properly.

How to Park (not) Your Porsche Cayenne