Here is our May Pic Dump. Enjoy!

1. When the roller coaster fails to excite you
Biking down roller coaster

2. I hope he is not drinking it

Head in toilet kid

3. This is your chance! Leave him there and run!

Stuck in toy machine

4. Future democrat

Baby does not like Bush

5. Someone isn’t enjoying it

Baby crying in group photo

6. Kiss me, NOW!

Romantic children

7. What did I sign up for?

Funny expression slide

8. Why change the diapers? Just hang them and let them dry.

Kid hanging from Clothes line

9. It could be sweat!

Kid funny expression

10. He will learn the hard way

Baby biting a cat tail

11. Many modern artists turned to human subjects

Happy babies

12. I understand

baby inside the fridge

13. One was, shall we say, more open

children peeing

14. Best friends – they both fit!


15. No comments!


16. Taken just at the right moment!


17. His parents saved quite a bit on babysitter fees


18. Parents, please feed your kids!


19. How would that even fit inside him?