On the verge of collapse, the Chinese stock market has garnered a lot of attention recently. Global markets saw huge sell-offs last week, in fear of a volatile Chinese market. So we decided to compile ten interesting facts you may not have known about China’s Stock Market:

  1. More than 10 million new stock accounts were opened this year, mostly by amateur investors. This is more than the number of new accounts in 2012 and 2013 combined, and averages around 170,000 accounts a day, ten times the average for 2014.Ten facts about china stock market
  2. Two thirds of these new stock investors in China quit school before the age of 15, and one third did so before 12. Six percent of them are illiterate.
  3. These new investors also have little money, with household worth of less than half of existing investors.
  4. Never mind the low literacy and net worth, these investors are among the most optimistic investors in the world. About 60% plan to increase their net worth this year, despite worrying conditions, and their market is extremely overvalued, as you will find out below.
  5. The median earning multiples (a measure of stock’s worth) for Chinese technology stocks are twice that of US during the dot.com peak. Companies like Ketchup makers that trade at 330 times their earnings are worrying global investors.
  6. More than half of the stocks on Shenzhen’s exchange, and over a third in Shanghai have PE (price per earnings) multiples of over 50, and are extremely expensive.
  7. Chinese stock market has lost more than 3 trillion dollars in one month. That’s more than France’s entire stock market worth. And they are still optimistic?
  8. The Chinese government has dictated a number of things to help the situation. None has really worked. They halted trading on multiple stocks, gave a 40 billion dollar stimulus, stopped new IPOs (initial public offering, or new companies entering the stock exchange), and prevented large shareholders from selling.
  9. 80 percent of the ten largest stocks on Shanghai exchange are state-owned. Imagine 80 percent of the Dow owned by the state? This links the stock market crash with government bankruptcy.
  10. In the year leading up to June 2015, the Chinese market skyrocketed so much that it created enough value to pay every person on earth $900. No wonder the bubble is bursting.