Are you bothered by the plastic taste of your ice cubes? Or are you simply trying to avoid plastic in your life as much as possible?

Many of the plastic products that your food is packaged in include carcinogens that are harmful, and over time, can lead to cancer. According to Breast Cancer Fund, BPA, Phtalates, Styrene, Tetrachloroethylene, and PVC can all lead to cancer.

There are times when you simply cannot avoid using plastic. But why not avoid them when you can? I am particularly bothered by the plastic taste of my ice cubes after I freeze them in any kind of plastic ice trays. The freezing process seems to cause some of the plastic to stick to the ice. The taste is disgusting.

Here are some products you can consider to replace the plastic ice tray.

Stainless Steel Ice Trays

Many people consider buying plastic because of its flexibility. It makes it easier to take the ice cubes out. This Stainless Steel Ice Cube Tray has a mechanism that helps you take all ice cubes out. The only downside? All ice cubes have to come out at the same time.

Whiskey Chilling Rocks, or Sipping Stones

This is not ice, nor does it cool your drink as much as ice would. But it can help to cool down your drink. The upside? It does not alter the taste of your drink at all or water it down. You don’t have to use it in whiskey. It can be used in any drink. Simply freeze the stones before using them, and then throw them in any drink. You can purchase them by clicking here:¬†Whiskey Rocks – Sipping Stones