North Korean scientists claim they have discovered a new wonder-drug, called Kumdang-2, which contains ginseng, and can cure most auto-immune diseases including Ebola, Aids, and MERS. North Korea enforced some of the toughest travel restrictions to ensure they would not come in contact with Ebola.

The news was announced through the official Korean Central News Agency, which often updates the world on the activities of the secretive state.

According to them, Pugang Pharmaceutic Company has developed the drug. Dr.

“The researchers insert rare earth elements (REE) into insam (ginseng) by applying the micro-elementary fertilizers of REE to the fields of insam. Inside the herbal body of insam the REE had got combined with the saccharides into desired complex compounds. The injection is made of extracts from those complex compounds. As a strong immuno-activator, the injection has been recognized to prevent different malignant epidemics. Malicious virus infections like SARS, Ebola and MERS are diseases that are related to immune systems, so they can be easily treated by Kumdang-2 injection drug, which is a strong immune reviver.” according to Dr. Jon Sung Hun.

One website claims that the drug has become available to the outside world through a Russian distributor.

True or false, we can never be sure of the North Korean claims, but we definitely thought these are stuff one could not possibly make up! Come to think of it, most North Korean news fit our page well. North Korea Cure for Ebola, Aids, MERS