Taiwan Plane Crash LocationAt least 26 people are reported dead, as the TransAsia plane clips a bridge and crashes into Taiwan river. 15 people have been pulled out alive, and 18 are missing. Flight controllers had lost contact with the plane long in advance. The ATR-72 had just taken off from Taipei Songshan Airport and was headed to the outlying Kinmen islands, just off the coast of south-east China, CNA said. A number of people are also reported injured. This haunting video of TransAsia Plane Crash captures the moment of plane’s clipping the bridge, and a car that barely survives it.

A large portion of the wrecked fuselage jutted out of the shallow Keelung River with one wing missing. Hours later, emergency personnel in rubber dinghies crowded around what remained of the plane. Several were still trapped inside, and rescuers managed to save many.

TransAsia chief Chen Xinde offered a “deep apology” in a televised news conference, but said his planes had been “under thorough scrutiny” since mid-2014.

Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fuhai had a lucky escape when his meetings Wednesday in Taipei forced a delay to a later flight, the Apple Daily reported. Chen visited the Taiwanese capital to discuss the next round of top-level cross-strait talks between Taiwan and China, which will take place Saturday in Kinmen.

“Both our planes and our flight safety system are following strict regulations, so we also want to know what caused the new plane model to crash, but I don’t want to speculate,” he said.

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Last updated: February 4, 2015 at 11:58 am