It’s summer, and that means it’s wedding season! Next time you are at your friend’s wedding, reconsider using your iPad to take photos. This photo, presumably taken by the professional photographer, is the result of many (most?) guests using an iPad or smartphone to take photos or a video at this wedding, resulting in the photographer not even being able to get a shot of the bride coming up the aisle with her father!!

I bet all of those guests along the aisle think they are doing the bride and groom a great favour, or feel that they are enjoying the wedding more as a result of having their own personal documentation of it. It probably never occurred to them that they may ruin the hired photographer’s official wedding pictures or video!

Next wedding you attend, try letting go of your gadgets, and instead, enjoy the moment. Let the professional photographers/videographers do their job! After all, you’ll probably see all the photos on facebook in a few weeks.

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