The Doubleback Van and RV

I love space-saving ideas. The adventurous side of me loves this particular Volkswagen Doubleback camping van. Recently, I watched some youtube videos from a guy who lived in his van. I think he would have really appreciated having a van like this one. Of course, it’s not unheard of for people to live in their RVs, but this concept is better for a camping trip, if you do not want to spend one month’s salary on the gas bill. Simply Brilliant!


The doubleback costs under 55,000 pounds brand new, and was designed in 2009 by Craig McCormack. After you slide the back out, the van stretches to 7.9 meters long. The back is made of light yet strong aluminum composite material, which can carry up to 600kg. Inside, you can have a three-person bench seat, a lounge table, a basic kitchen, and four beds. The only downside is that you can have a maximum of three belted passengers in the van.

RV Mini Van turns into house

And here is a video demonstration of the car by practical motorhome on youtube.