We’ve shown you many creative ways to pop the question so far! Remember the one where the dolphin emerges out of the water with the “Marry Me” sign?
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But this one has to be one of the most creative marriage proposals we’ve ever seen. If you are not familiar with Tim Hortons’ roll up the rim, here is how it works: every year, around the begining of spring, Tim Hortons hides all sorts of gifts under the rim of its hot drink cups. After you finish drinking, you simply roll up the rim, and either see a pleasant surprise (winnings can vary from free coffee, to camping equipment, to a Toyota Rav4), or you get the lame “Please Play Again” sign. It is said that 1 of every 6 cups contain a prize, so you can imagine that rolling up these rims can be quite exciting.

Well, this girl was certainly surprised when she rolled up the rim of her cup! What she won was not a Rav4, but hopefully, she was just as happy (if not more) to get it.

Roll Up the Rim Engagement at Tim Hortons