The World as Seen by Children

This world was a very different place in my eyes when I was a child, and many things contributed to that factor, but perhaps two of them made the strongest contributions: our parents’ tendency to hide things from us that they were considered too mature, and our wild imagination, which never failed to amuse itself.

And just as you think you were the only child who viewed the world the way you did, an amazing artist comes along who blows your mind, by painting what only your imagination could see. Here is the world through the eyes of children, as portrayed by painter Pierrette Diaz.
Pierrette Diaz Boy parents sex imagines wizardPierrette Diaz Dragons in the Oven little girl

Pierrette Diaz little girl and baby in mother's stomachPierrette Diaz crossing street crosswalkPierrette Diaz Girl in the Bath tub

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