Dear Netflix, it is unfair!

Netflix US has thousands of more movies and shows available than Netflix Canada does. Netflix Canada is reported to have started with over 7000 titles, while Netflix US had over 35000. But Canadians should not let this bother them, as it is actually quite simple to access Netflix US from Canada.

The secret is in a free software, ProXPN, or any similar software that allows you to fake your IP address. It connects you to a VPN in the United States. This simple software allows you to change your IP address to a US one, thus using a fake identity, and pretending like you are in the US. Here is a step by step guide:

-Download ProXPN via the link provided.
-Install the software
-create a free account with ProXPN via their website. All you need is an e-mail address.
-open your software and enter the login information you created on their website (your username is your e-mail address).

NetFlix US from Canada
-Click connect, open a browser, and type in If you have a free account with ProXPN, you may be forwarded to their page, before being able to click on “Continue to”

You have arrived! Enjoy Netflix US. This will simply triple your Netflix subscription value, as you can not only access the unique Canadian shows, but also all the US shows now. You can try this same method for any videos/shows that are not available in your region.