There are thousands of pictures from hurricane Sandy, circulating the web. Sadly, many of these pictures are fake, and do no good but to bring fear to those who are troubled by the hurricane. Some of these fake images include the shark photos we posted on Stuff You Couldn’t Make Up yesterday. We were quick to announce that those images were indeed fake. Here is a more through list of fake images.

1. Fake shark photo – likely belongs to another hurricane incident, not Sandy

Fake Shark image from Hurricane Sandy

2. Fake shark photo – photoshopped

Fake Sandy Shark Photoshopped

3. Fake РSome believe it is Photoshopped Рothers say it belonged to another hurricane. We think it screams Photoshop. One way or another, it is fake.

Hurricane Sandy behind statue of liberty


4. Real, but this one is not Sandy! It is a tornado from April 2011

April 2011 Tornado viral as Sandy

5. Fake РFrom the movie The Day After Tomorrow Рneedless to say Рnot Hurricane Sandy

Picture from the day after tomorrow for hurricane sandy

6. From a 2009 movie – not hurricane Sandy

Fake Hurricane Sandy MacDonalds

7. Fake – and old. This photo has been around since hurricane Irene (2011)

photoshopped hurricane sandy shark photo

8. Beautiful Photoshop work – not Hurricane Sandy!

scuba-diver in metro NewYork Hurricane Sandy