Top 5 Best Shower Curtains on Amazon

Here are some of the coolest, most creative, and innovative shower curtains ever made. All of these are available for purchase on, and we have included the links for it. Stop it with the boring plain white. Make your shower interesting.

  1. Ingenious social network shower curtain – your curtain has a facebook profile! Called the Spinning Hat Social Shower Curtain, this cool curtain has its own facebook profile, featuring your face as the profile picture. Check it out on It’s on sale.
  2. Iphone Shower Curtain Ibath Black With Iphone Apps is next on our list. To be the ultimate geek, you can have the facebook curtain cover one shower, while the iphone curtain covers another. Oh how cool that would be! Also available on sale from Amazon!
  3. Blood Bath Shower CurtainNot everyone’s cup of tea, and certainly not designed for the weak of heart. But you have to admire the creativity behind it. It’s now easy to scare your guests away!
  4. PEVA Shower Curtain: The PEVA brand has a whole host of great shower curtains. This particular one we liked, because of its colorfulness. If you’d like to shower with the fish, this is for you!
  5. Woman Silhouette Bathroom Shower Curtain White Vinyl: We may not all look so good in the shower. But you don’t want your guests to know that, do you?

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