“Terrorist” is one of those much abused words. A word our governments like to use to keep fear alive, and make believe that not only is there something we need to be fighting for, but also there is something to blame all the shortcomings of their economic policies on.

Recently, an Apple store salesperson refused to sell to an Iranian/American girl, simply because he overheard her speaking Farsi/Persian with her family.

Later on, news came from Canada that TD bank has decided to close all Iranian accounts. They seem to have done a haphazard job of closing accounts of all Iranians, and also many Canadian/Iranians who already hold Canadian citizenship! This is supposedly in support of sanctions against Iran.

And here is a new one! This gas station is so hot with its hatred of terrorists, that it has decided not to sell to them. How they define the word terrorists needs clarification. But one thing is very clear. Extremism exists on both sides, and extremists are the real terror.

No gas for terrorists