Your Cat Might Be Overweight


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How to burn 800 calories in 30 minutes

How to burn 800 Calories in 30 minutes:
how to burn 800 calories in just half an hour

There you have it! It’s perfectly possible to burn 800 or more calories in just half an hour. Unfortunately, we’re not sure if this will indeed help you with your exercise routine…

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Grass Covered House

grass covered house 2grass covered house3grass covered house3
A grass covered house was a new phenomenon to me until recently. But I think they are very beautiful. There’s something very organic and homely about a house that is so built into its natural surroundings. What do you think? How would you like to live in one of these grass covered houses?

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Men vs Women

funny meme
The perennial discussion of the difference of men vs women. This quote jokingly says MEN to the left because WOMEN are always right!

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Creativity at its finest

Creativity at its finest.

Independent pupGetting creative

When you have to fighting for space, sometimes you just have to get creative about it. Here are a couple pups who are demonstrating creativity at its finest. If something doesn’t work right side up, try upside down!

These brave puppies deserve a lot of credit for thinking outside the box – it will surely serve them well throughout their lives.

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