Strategic Plans of Various Teams at the World Cup

Here is a quick review of what went on tactically at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Games. Wonder what the Argentinian plan would have been like!

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David Beckham Makes World Cup Final Prediction

While many vote in favour of Germany, after witnessing Brazil’s 7-1 defeat, David Beckham believes Argentina will defeat the Deutsch 3-1. “He is amazing” said Beckham about Argentina’s star, Lionel Messi. “He gives people so much pleasure with the way he plays and what makes him special is he plays as a team-mate as well, a good team player. He’s got great individual skill, but winning means everything to him. If other team-mates score goals he’s the first one there to celebrate with them and I think that says a lot about him.”

And here is proof! Argentina 3 – Germany 1, Beckham predicts. Do you agree, or do you think he should stick to fashion business?

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If Google Had a Gender

Google's Gender

Is Google a boy or a girl?

Obviously a girl, because it won’t let you finish your sentence without suggesting other ideas.

Zach Galifianakis

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And Our Vote For the Best Selfie Goes To

Pitbulls Selfie

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What’s with Coca Cola’s Pricing?

Smaller Coca Cola more expensive

The smaller your coke, the more you pay! Makes sense. You are paying them to get rid of their liquids. The more you dispose of, the more you save!

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